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Gifts aren’t just for Mother’s Day, birthdays, or holidays – they’re for any day! Recognize that special someone with their own freshly-cleaned car experience. You crave it so much. You don’t think they do, too? Think again! Pick up Sunset Car Wash gift certificates for all your family, friends and foes next time you’re in & share the love. Time to give? Time To Shine.

Prepaid Car Washes

 Prepaid Standard Wash Discounts

  5 Standard Washes: $69.99 Reg: $99.99
10 Standard Washes: $139.95 Reg: $199.99

Prepaid Luxury Wash Discounts

5 Luxury Washes: $89.99 Reg: $114.95
10 Luxury Washes: $179.99 Reg: $229.99

Prepaid Elite Wash Discounts

5 Elite Washes: $109.95 Reg: $134.95
10 Elite Washes: $219.99 Reg: $269.99

Prepaid Hand Wash Discounts

5 Hand Washes: $140.00 Reg: $165.00
10 Hand Washes: $280.00 Reg: $330.00

Prepaid Detail Services

   5 Prepaid Super Express Wax

5 Super Express Wax: $124.95 Reg: $149.95
Total Savings of $25.00

   10 Prepaid Super Express Wax

10 Super Express Wax: $249.90 Reg: $299.90
Total Savings of $50.00

   5 Prepaid Hand Washes & Hand Waxes

5 Hand Washes & Hand Waxes: $274.99 Reg: $349.95
Total Savings of $74.99

   10 Prepaid Hand Washes & Hand Waxes

10 Hand Washes & Hand Waxes: $549.95 Reg: $699.95
Total Savings of $149.99

About the Time To Shine Club

Coming back means money back! Join keep it clean Car Wash’s new Time To Shine Club & receive amazing discounts. For just a low membership fee you’ll receive amongst other things a free birthday wash, up to 15% off detailing services & a free 7th wash. Do we have your interest? Good, because we have your membership card waiting, too. Ask us about the Time To Shine Club during your next visit & start letting the benefits work for you today.

Only $59.99 A Year Per Vehicle!

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