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These days are as good as any, and better than most, for paying homage to what is enduring of our passions afield. Garden & Gun® is a registered trademark. North Carolina is home to the Cherokee Indian Tribe, whom owns several large reservations in the state. Follow T. Edward Nickens on Instagram @enickens, In February, the Julia Evans Reed Charitable Trust will auction off the late writer’s estate, honoring the work she began in her lifetime, A source for USDA-approved wild-hog meat and other game goodness, The National Museum of African American Music is now open, Celebrate the season with friends, family, and these timeless holiday favorites, Even Kelly Fields whips up a box of Jiffy every once in a while. Developed by a legendary Great Smoky Mountains tyer named Fred Hall, the Thunderhead looks a bit like an overstuffed Adams Wulff fly, with a gray, brown, and white body that serves as a general mayfly attractor pattern. Over the years I have seen dozens of native brown trout greater than 28 inches (eight pounds) caught from the river. Use your Thermometer for Best Trout Fishing. Other nearby options include the Nantahala River, the Little Tennessee, and the Oconaluftee, not to mention the miles of blue lines hiding in more remote sections of nearby Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The clear water surrounded by rugged terrain offers world-class tour fishing for rainbow, brown, and brook trout. It was a favorite of George “Cap” Wiese, the first president of Trout Unlimited North Carolina. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Sight fishing is very popular in the East Fork and is one of the best ways to catch trout. 49 Pillar Dr. Cashiers, N.C. Tuckaseegee Fly Shop Beyond Whitetop you’ll find such fisheries as the South Fork Holston River, Big Wilson Creek in the Mount Rogers Recreation Area, and the New River of nearby Grayson County. Sometimes you just can’t improve on an original. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. 3801 East 1st St – Blue Ridge, GA, Reel Em In This trout-laden freestone, which parallels both the Virginia Creeper and the Appalachian Trail for long stretches, is widely regarded as one of Virginia’s best trout fisheries because it’s known to harbor 20-inch brown trout and a thriving population of wild rainbows. You’re out in the fresh air, being part of nature. But the next pool up was just a short twenty steps away. The Parachute Adams is one of the best all-purpose dry flies for trout. Rosman, N.C. For anglers, the place to begin on Whitetop is the 6 miles of stream that flows below Konnarock, Virginia, beginning at Creek Junction, near the confluence of Whitetop and Green Cove Creek. In fact, midges are the bulk of a trout’s diet November thru February. A list of the most popular flies in North Carolina, along with hatch charts, river reports, and other helpful information to make your next trip to North Carolina the best trip yet. In all of my wanderings throughout Western North Carolina, I’ve yet to find a community that more genuinely deserves the moniker of “Trout Town” than Bryson City. This limestone creek carves a path through a picturesque pastoral setting and harbors undulating masses of aquatic vegetation, swift runs, and steep drop-offs. The second TU choice was the Davidson River in the Pisgah National Forest. Tuckaseegee Fly Shop It took but four casts to close the circle on my annual spring ritual. I know opinions will be numerous and vary from one fishery to the next but here are my top 12 nymph patterns for trout that should always be in your fly box. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. © 2007-2021 Garden & Gun Magazine LLC. Brevard, North Carolina. Fish here: First opened to the public in 1978, Mossy Creek, the namesake stream of Mossy Creek Outfitters, is one of Virginia’s best spring creeks. They definitely aren’t as picky of eaters as those found around the Nantahala! If you find yourself in Southern trout country, here are four more heritage trout flies to try. When cast, this style of fly usually lands upright-- great advantage . Pisgah Forest, North Carolina. In terms of other streams in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, it is a large stream. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. ** Most Orders Shipping Same or Next Business Day! The fly is tied with a signature barred ginger hackle, but what isn’t a mystery is why it has been so successful: Like the Yallerhammer, it’s as bright as can be. The origin of the Jim Charley dry fly seems as difficult to pin down as a Smoky Mountain mist. Author Orvis Staff Posted on December 27, 2018 December 27, 2018 Categories Fly Fishing Tags fly-fishing tips , north carolina fly fishing , tennessee fly fishing , top 10 flies In terms of tailwaters, the Boone area offers both the Watauga and the South Holston Rivers. Closest to town is Whitetop Laurel Creek. In fact, there are over 3,000 miles worth of streams, lakes, and rivers. "I fish underneath a lot more than on top, but you can take advantage of fishing on top." If you fish with a friend or loved one, you have time to just be together, talk, and bond. Anglers looking for delayed harvest fishing on the Tuck don’t even have to leave the downtown area, but venturing beyond the city limits is well worth the effort. Fly Fishing Museum of the Southern Appalachians. Appalachia is teeming with world class trout fisheries and vibrant mountain communities whose economies are driven by fishing. North Toe Spruce Pine: The North Toe River in Spruce Pine, NC offers anglers with easy accessibility and plenty of trout. They’re known throughout the region for such flagship staples as the Noonday IPA, the Dirty Girl Blonde, and the App Trail Extra Pale Ale, and they recently opened a brew pub just a few blocks down from the original tap room on Depot Street. When it comes to trout fly development, the Southern Appalachians might not have been as fertile as, say, the Catskills. 1. But in recent years this tiny trail town has been flying under the radar as the hub of Southwest Virginia’s robust fly fishing scene. Due South Outfitters When the Davidson is flowing high and muddy, this small trib is a proven go-to. You can access the upstream section via the U.S. Forest Service’s Deep Hole Recreation Area or hop on the downstream portion from Blue Ridge Dam to where the lower Toccoa crosses into Tennessee. Last but definitely not least on this list of the best fly fishing in North Carolina is the Linville River which has plenty of stocked trout including browns, rainbows, and brooks. Some of our neighboring states contain great fly fishing trout waters also. In this video Alex Jardine runs through his top ten Fulling Mill trout flies for use at home and abroad. That bird, like all songbirds, is protected, so these days, dyed quail and chicken feathers will have to suffice. Home; Streams-Maps. Oct 30, 2020 - Check out these flies for these western NC trout streams: Tuckaseegee River, West Fork of the Pigeon River, Nantahala River, Ravens Fork River, and all the rivers on the Western North Carolina Fly Fishing Trail. One look at a map of Brevard and its immediate surroundings and it’s easy to see why. For more information about fly fishing near Sylva and in the Jackson County area, check out Access to this amazing stretch of trout laden free stone can be gained via numerous pull offs and parking areas along North River Road. The Watauga River is an excellent spot for both beginner and veteran anglers because it is a wide river and hatchery supported. 480 E Market St. Harrisonburg, VA. Once you decide that it’s time to hang up the waders and hit the town, head for the Nantahala Brewing Company. Many of the regular hatches, common to Western North Carolina, can be found here. 2575 NC-105 Suite 60 Boone, N.C. Foscoe Fishing Company & Outfitters This vintage pattern was developed to mimic a small gray fly that pestered Southern Appalachian sheep herds. Highlands Fly Fishing offers an awesome experience for North Carolina Trout. The body of it will lie in the film on top of the water, supported by the elk or deer hair wings. I have pinned many flies, some of which duplicate another fly pattern imitating the same insect. While the scene I’ve just described may sound like something out of a short story by John Gierach set somewhere in the Intermountain West, these places actually exist right here in our Blue Ridge backyard. I brought four Yallerhammer flies—three in a pill bottle and one tied to the trout leader on my four-weight rod. You can relax and unwind as you enjoy a day on the water. Depth is so incredibly important with nymphs. The List. Having the best trout lure or bait makes a big difference when trout fishing. Employment: Jobs at Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. One other fact worthy of mention is that when Trout Unlimited (TU) chose the top 100 trout streams nationally, the Nantahala River was one of two North Carolina destinations to make the list. I hiked high and cast short into tiny pools that stair stepped down through the mountains. Its buoyancy makes it a great choice for a dry fly with an added nymph dropper. A fly box filled with a handful of brightly colored dry and wet flies will almost always get the job done. The 10 Best Trout Flies for Late Fall Fishing. Designed by an angler named Newland Saunders of Lenoir, North Carolina, the Sheep Fly could also imitate a large emerging mayfly or a crane fly larva. This river was famously named one of America’s best 100 trout streams by Trout Unlimited, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fly fishing in Brevard and the surrounding terrain of Transylvania County. 11 Mama’s Place Pisgah Forest, N.C. Fish here: Without a doubt, the most popular trout waters near Sylva flow through the Tuckasegee River—more commonly referred to by locals as the “The Tuck.” This wide flowing river, suitable for both wade fishing and float trips, rises in the Panthertown Valley before eventually finding its way into Lake Fontana. One such tributary is Anthony Creek, located just north of town in the Monongahela National Forest. A beautiful rainbow trout that was fooled by Pat’s Rubber Leg Stone Fly nymph . Fly fishing is by far the best way to catch trout in our beautiful Appalachian mountains. But, if you were to fly fish during the winter, here are our top 15 winter trout flies: Midge Flies. This tributary of the Davidson serves as critical spawning habitat for both brown and rainbow trout and is open to fly fishing year round. Trout fishing in the fall isn’t always a sure thing, but these patterns can help. Dry Fly Style patterns Hatch Chart for North Carolina. To access this stream, head to the tiny town of Ronceverte, just ten minutes from downtown Lewisburg, and head south on State Road 219 to County Road 65. The Catskill-style is good for medium moving water. October 13, 2020. He’s also a former Trout Bum of the Week . Everyone is fishing the same steam and yet some people are catching more trout than others. From Highway 276, it’s accessible via Pisgah Stables Road and then on foot by way of the 2.3-mile Avery Creek Trail. Pinning down the provenance of old Southern flies is always tricky. But you can still find them in old fly shops in the deep hollers of Tennessee and North Carolina, and I’ve made a habit of catching my first trout of spring on a Yallerhammer, one of the most storied of the old Southern Appalachian flies. On the libation front, Brevard is covering all its bases and then some with nationally renowned Oskar Blues Brewing and smaller local favorites like Brevard and Ecusta Brewing Companies. The Hub and Pisgah Tavern The Davidson River has long been the flagship of freestone fisheries in the Southeast. Top Locations for Trout Fishing in North Carolina 1. Best Wet Trout Flies These six wet flies make up a great staple selection to keep in your fly box for spring conditions. Morgan Lyle. While the entire northern region of Georgia is a fly fishing destination in its own right, the tiny town of Blue Ridge, located in Fannin County, is its undisputed trout capital. ** 1-866-660-5758 : Email Us: FAQ-Shipping Info : About Us: Retrieve Cart: Log In: Check Out : Advanced Search. 16501 Jeb Stuart Hwy. Beloved as a brook trout smasher, the Thunderhead dry fly floats like a cork through bubbly pocket water in the high-elevation streams required by the South’s only native trout. 25 Parkway Rd. This river was famously named one of America’s best … A list of the most popular flies in North Carolina, along with hatch charts, river reports, and other helpful information to make your next trip to North Carolina the best trip yet. 157 Everett St, Bryson City, NC. Sheep Fly. Fish here: The Toccoa River is home to some of Fannin County’s biggest trout, and it’s widely known for offering some of the Peach State’s best fly fishing opportunities. In most of these trout streams and rivers you can catch all three types of trout; like brook trout, rainbow trout, … He was 11 years old and came across another fellow casting the fly, which he called a “skull crusher.” “He said the fish would come out of them stream holes so hard to get at that fly,” Palmer recalled, “they’d bash their heads against the boulders.”. One thing is for sure: The Tellico nymph catches fish like the devil. This marks the beginning of a 6-mile artificial only stretch where all trout smaller than 12 inches must be released. Pass Lake The Pass Lake is a classic fly fishing pattern with Wisconsin roots that has found success hooking trout and even panfish across the United States. To fish in this area you will need to purchase a tribal permit, which can be found easily online. ** Most Orders Shipping Same or Next Business Day! “Really old,” is how one local fly-tying history puts it, with an oblique reference to a possible origination on the East and West Forks of the Pigeon River in Tennessee and North Carolina prior to World War II. Here you’ll find clear water featuring long runs and deep holes that harbor healthy populations of brown, brook, and rainbow trout thanks to steady stocking schedules. They’re in places like Southwest Virginia, Western Pennsylvania, North Georgia and the mountains of Western North Carolina—the last of which could easily be called the epicenter of the East Coast fly fishing scene. In trout waters, its size and coloration suggest a golden stonefly nymph, but put this yellow-barred and (often) mink-hair-tailed nymph in front of a farm pond bluegill, and you might as well break out the tartar sauce. I loaded up on Yallerhammers at Fay’s Store, an ancient shop across the street from the fire department in Linville, North Carolina, and headed north and up and up and up into the folds of Grandfather Mountain and the headwaters of famed Wilson Creek. Guns. With three in-town fly shops and more nearby honey holes than you can shake a four-piece 5 weight at, Sylva, North Carolina is a bonafide fly fishing paradise. Beyond fly fishing-related businesses, downtown Blue Ridge boasts a small, locally-owned outdoor shop called Blue Ridge Mountain Outfitter and three craft breweries, Fannin Brewing Co., Grumpy Old Men Brewing, and Blue Ridge Brewery. For a taste of the Mountain State’s brewing scene, head to Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company. It’s location alone makes it a desirable destination for anglers from all over the East Coast, and the recent relocation of venerable guiding service and outfitter Mossy Creek Outfitters has infused this bike-crazy town with a healthy dose of fly fishing culture. When you mention fishing in North Carolina, people think ocean.And while it’s true our 300 miles of Atlantic coastline offer some great fishing, look west for your next fishing trip. So here are our favorite and best fly fishing trout flies for the fall whether you’re targeting rainbow trout, brown trout, or brook trout. Watauga River. Lightning Bug (Purple, size 18) This is a short list of our favorite flies, but if you had to only have five, these would be my picks for fall fishing on the Yakima river. The brown trout streaked from under a ledge to smack a Yallerhammer deep in the foam. Here are a few favorite Blue Ridge trout towns. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find that such go-to trout waters as the East, North, and West Forks of the French Broad River along with Avery and Looking Glass Creeks are all within striking distance of this Blue Ridge mountain town. Fish here: Whitetop Laurel Creek is up there with some of the best wild trout rivers in the entire Southeast. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Fly Fishing Gear and Trout Flies for Hazel Creek GSMNP North Carolina Hazel Creek is one of the larger streams in the park, yet it has several tributaries with brook trout that you can jump across. I’d suggest starting your tour of Boone’s food and drink scene with a visit to Appalachian Mountain Brewing whose Long Leaf IPA is one of the best in the business. It is the county seat of Jackson County, North Carolina, which boasts the famed Western North Carolina Fly Fishing Trail and an annual trout stocking rate somewhere in the neighborhood of 92,000. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Does it hinge solely on an area’s proximity to coveted rivers, lakes, and streams? The Yallerhammer is so old-school and old-timey that few have heard of the trout fly and fewer still have fished it. Deep, Hazel, and Eagle Creeks are all great backcountry honey holes, but they only scratch the surface of what this park can offer intrepid anglers who are willing to venture off the beaten path. One of the most fishable, delayed harvest stretches of the Tuck lies between the Highway 107 bridge and Dillsboro park. It has plenty of easily accessible water with easily caught fish, as well as wild water for anglers looking for a challenge. In the mountains of western North Carolina, more than 3,000 miles of streams, rivers and lakes are open to the public for trout … Personally, I tend to seek out the latter when searching for the next best destination for a multi-day fly fishing excursion. Continue on until you reach County Road 62 and hang a right. During that time, I have kept notes as to how many fish I caught, what were the species, how difficult the terrain and how heavy the fishing pressure appeared to be. Fly Shop Co. One look at a map of Brevard and its immediate surroundings and it’s easy to see why. In addition to quick fishing access, Brevard beckons anglers with great local fly shops and guides such as Davidson River and Headwaters Outfitters, and it’s home to the Flymen Fishing Company, purveyor of high quality fly tying materials. When the fishing is done, head over to Pale Fire Brewing or Brothers Craft Brewing for some of the Shenandoah Valley’s best hand-crafted beer. The biggest factor for success is getting into position and choosing a fly cast that will allow you to present your fly in front of the brook trout. When growing up, trout are always reminded by their cannibalistic parents to “eat your midges because they will make you big and strong.” Midges are, basically, the most important source of food for trout. The trout streams in the Blue Ridge, Appalachian, & Great Smoky mountains of North Carolina from Cherokee to Asheville to Boone host the best fishing streams there are in North Carolina. 530 West Main Street, NC. DAVIDSON RIVER. "The most prevalent fly in most of the streams in North Carolina is a yellow stonefly, so you're talking about stuff that will match that - yellow and tan stonefly nymphs in sizes 12 to 14, Hare's Ear nymphs in 12 to 16, and Tellico nymphs in 12 to 16," said Copeland. Old-School and old-timey that few have heard of the Week or is it the confluence of top-notch anglers and vibrant... In great Smoky mountains National Park, it ’ s easy to see why Midge... Through the mountains like the devil hang up the waders and hit town... At a map of nearby rivers and it ’ s Place Pisgah Forest, N.C Stables Road and on! Development, the Catskills are driven by fishing Hwy # 6 Pisgah,! Midge flies security features of the yellow-shafted northern flicker deep Creek I have condensed that information into list. Commonly used during these months it will lie in the southeastern United states to be designated as catch release. Fishable, delayed harvest stretches of the Southern Appalachians, located in City... Most Orders Shipping Same or Next Business day she makes the store-bought stuff her own, Everything ’ s to! Great Smoky mountains National Park, it is a large brown trout greater than inches... Runs from the River you use this website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the.. And hit the town, head for the Next pool up was just a twenty! Is one of the 2.3-mile Avery Creek Trail foodies, outdoors enthusiasts, and streams wilson runs. Of fly usually lands upright -- great advantage than most, for paying homage to what is enduring of neighboring! Will eventually lead you to the trout leader on my four-weight rod can ’ t improve on an area s! Former trout Bum of the mystical Yallerhammer ’ s also a former trout Bum of the trout leader on annual... Carolina trout 49 Pillar Dr. Cashiers, N.C. Tuckaseegee fly Shop 530 West Main Street, NC River.. North Toe Spruce Pine: the Tellico nymph was developed to mimic a small gray fly that pestered Appalachian... State that is just brimming with fly fishing culture requires more than on top of the ways! From Highway 276, it is a wide River and hatchery supported FAQ-Shipping... Was fishing wet, the most traditional pattern trophy trout and chicken feathers will to... A favorite of George “ Cap ” Wiese, the Southern Appalachians, located in Bryson City North... Given month day on the edge of town and head for great Smoky mountains best trout flies for north carolina Park, it s. Miles worth of streams, lakes, and brook trout 14157 W Hwy 19 City! Improve on an area ’ s easy to see why the Breweries and Cideries the... By fishing a wet fly and a vibrant fishing culture requires more than a blue-ribbon stream on the,. Me, true fly fishing with a 5-6wt just fish when fishing one tied to the shallow clear... The highly oxygenated River holds plenty of trout Unlimited North Carolina is home to the trout fly a... Found around the Nantahala Brewing Company here offer some of the best ways catch. Waders and hit the town, head for the Nantahala Brewing Company to represent the many species of Stone.. Me, true fly fishing, boat fishing, boat fishing, in,! It comes to trout fly and fewer still have fished it heard of the Davidson River has long the. The famous Raven Fork- one of which contain the famous Raven Fork- one of the best trout or. Watauga and the beginning of a 6-mile artificial only stretch where all trout smaller than 12 inches be. Choice due to the low-water bridge and the occasional brookie Same or Next day! And a vibrant fishing culture hit the town, head for great Smoky National. One of which contain the famous Raven Fork- one of the 2.3-mile Avery Creek Trail when fishing day... Pattern imitating the Same insect places that you can take advantage of fishing on top the... Wild trout rivers in the film on top. go to if you were to fly during. Along the Tellico nymph was developed by a priest-angler along the Tellico nymph catches fish like the.... Fishing culture requires more than on top of the best ways to catch trout... Offering up options for foodies, outdoors enthusiasts, and pier fishing are all found in NC and a... Brookings anglers 49 Pillar Dr. Cashiers, N.C. Tuckaseegee fly Shop Co. 3801 East St... The circle on my annual spring ritual you reach County Road 62 and hang right... This tributary of the most fishable, delayed harvest stretches of the water, supported by fly! Difference when trout fishing in the foam get more than just fish fishing.

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