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Whatever classroom messages and pictures you send will be mixed in with any personal messages you send. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve, Raise your hand if you find yourself struggling to, Do you ever wonder what your life would be like if. One App for All Your Parent Communication Sort by: Showing page 1 of about 27658 results (59 milliseconds) Seesaw Class ... Seesaw is the best platform for empowering students to demonstrate and share their learning. But can parents opt out individually? I’m introducing Bloomz to my students’ families next week! But as I’ve gotten the parents more involved in the day to day, I find it’s less behavior and more about what we’re doing. This YouTube video highlights the features of SimplyCircle. seesaw vs bloomz. You can create events with built in RSVP, you can create a volunteer checklist, to-do lists, you can ask for items, schedule conferences, and send files, photos, and videos. Our school has used Class Dojo for a few years, and have found the school story to be a great way to communicate with families throughout the entire school. Bloomz is the mobile and web app that helps teachers stay in touch wit... Meet Melissa, a teacher who saved time using Bloomz for all her parent communications. Thanks for your comments! I’ve been using Class Messenger since last year. 7. I only had them lose points over something big…like throwing a desk or physical aggression. We are using FREE parent teacher communication app mylyapp for our school. Think about your Facebook account where you can see a feed of posts, but also have a private inbox. I also use Google Classroom, and the two are easily interchangeable. I was a long-time user of Remind—and LOVED it—but my district no longer allows it. After 22 years as an elementary classroom teacher, I’m now teaching elementary STEAM! Your email address will not be published. It looks like your chart might be out of date. Parent communication: Parents can communicate with you and their children on the Seesaw Family app. You’ve saved me and many others hours of work! This app is a Free for all school, college and education institutes. When parents are in the know, teachers and students also benefit. If your school adopts Seesaw for Schools, Seesaw Plus is included. I have looked for a way to embed, but haven’t found that option. I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog. They are actually really cute. When a picture is posted, it posts in the main feed. I’m excited to try something new. | Mrs. Meacham's Classroom Snapshots, Bloomz: 1 App, 9 Tools | Mrs. Meacham's Classroom Snapshots,, Parents automatically get notifications of announcements, assignments, exams, events, pictures, documents or one to one messages that you post. I think this is a great tool for reflection and creativity among students. The students would ask me to see it and would really straighten up if they saw they were sliding backward. Parent Percentage: I had 100% parent participation when I used this as a coach. To avoid it (or try to), I’d address each message with “Dear Families”…. We can send a group message to all the families, but it goes directly into their inbox with all the other messages. Parents are encouraged to be engaged through messages, photos, and voice notes from the teacher. However, the Seesaw inbox is where I found the only drawback. The hardest part is trying to figure out the difference between digital platforms so you can choose the best classroom apps to use. Positive & Negative Reviews: Bloomz - 10 Similar Apps, 4 Review Highlights & 24,520 Reviews. =) Thanks for sharing. PSS: You’ll notice that apps have since been added to the comparison spreadsheet, since the original comparison review was completed. The Class Story part looks very similar to Seesaw though. Video in the classrom: Flipgrid vs Seesaw Several years ago, I flipped my classroom so that kids watch my lectures via video at home at night. They can also “like” and post comments on their classmates’ work in your class blog, but you can choose to turn this feature off if that’s something you don’t want to encourage. I don’t use it for my first grade class, but I’ve used it when I coached Girls on the Run. The difference between Remind and Class Tag is that there are more ways to communicate with parents. Seesaw. It has all features on this spreadsheet. ‍♀️ Self-Love Advocate - Treat yo' Self! I do know that a link can be shared, which is what I’ll have to do if I solely use Bloomz and decide to not blog. If you want to know more about Seesaw, here’s a link to a post of 7 Seesaw App tips you might not already know. Here’s a helpful guide called 9 Steps To Creating A Digital Classroom, that you can download for free! I LOVED the classroom management part of it. Seesaw now will link an activity right into Google Classroom and so the students just have to click on the link and they’re right into their activity! There is a direct message feature separate from a “class story”. Is that going to help them be confident in class? Once you enter in the parent’s phone numbers, you can flood them with reminders to join. SO many options!! It provides great visibility by family – how engaged they are, are they participating in activities and seeing my communications. I love having choice and thankfully you have done the hard work of comparing the features of the many choices! It’s also helpful to be able to communicate with me on the same classroom app, rather than leaving Seesaw to contact me using e-mail or another platform. Teachers using Bloomz may need to pay for Bloomz Premium to avoid some inconveniences. Do you remember being six years old and wanting to tell your teacher EVERYTHING? I recently became a Seesaw ambassador, which was a pretty big deal and gives you a premium version of the app. So that when the kids click the link, they can complete the activity for Seesaw but still use Dojo for everything else? While you can share student journals within your classroom environment, what makes this app so special is that parents can subscribe to their child’s journal and receive notifications when artifacts are added. Thanks for this info. Parents can see their children’s reports and activities as well as communicate with you. For the few students who are reading and working independently it has been a game changer. I used ClassTag this past year in my 5th grade classroom. Growing traffic for these popular keywords may be easier than trying to rank for brand new keywords. I’d love to hear which app or apps you plan to use or are already using! I’m excited about the volunteer signup option and P/T conference signup option as well. As you can read, I like to write a lot lol. This is the main reason I prefer Seesaw. Seesaw has a class blog feature as well. The sound when you press it though is different and they recognize they received a mark for their behavior. It’s also a great way to send parents a list of school supplies needed for class. Allow me to schedule Parent/Teacher conferences. ), and mass text/email messaging. No. I was wishing that there was just a simple chart that would compare the features of the top apps….and long behold I came across your marvelous review! Have you heard of/tried an app called Fresh Grade? I help teachers setup and maintain both digital and traditional literacy stations while providing the necessary training to keep it all running smoothly. Best wishes! With Bloomz, you get one fluid, responsive experience. If you need a way to communicate with parents on a deeper level with cool interactive features–check it out! I think you should create another column to put Classloom on the spreadsheet. If you want to learn how to make engaging Seesaw activities, check out his tutorials here. I love the ability to send photos and messages to my families about our day in the classroom. Hi Amanda! Optimizing for buyer keywords. You will need to teach your students how to use the app, even if some of them have used it before. I believe you also emailed me (or maybe it was someone else). Teachers have the option to have them delivered to one parent, a select few, or all parents. Messages, photos, files are created and shared out. They have the opportunity to add extra photos, videos, or notes. This year they have added many more features. If set this way, the parents can also know immediately. Seesaw for Schools, our premium subscription option for schools and districts, costs $5.50 USD per student per year. You can easily turn off the ads in the settings! Start free trial for all Keywords. Thanks for your very clear explanation – it sounds like it would be worth investigating if we’re still remote learning in September. In years past, I used Class Dojo as I found my parents needed more feedback on parents. Is that too big of a dream . Student portfolios: Basically the same with Seesaw, but you cannot upload your own activities. Thanks for sharing your story! This is just rolling out, so I don’t know what it will look like yet, but this is good news for the ClassDojo fans! I attempted to use Class Dojo the fourth quarter; however, we left our classroom 3 weeks in. As of June 18, 2020, ClassDojo announced that you can upload worksheets onto the app and students can complete them online! I plan to consider adding to the comparison chart in November. I can see why parents and teachers are responding so positively to parent communication apps. Even if you have reluctant parents who refuse to sign up, they will still receive all of your communication in an email form so you don’t have to manage two sets of parents. I love that they added video recording and also live link and file sharing. I’m wondering if you have any experience using Edmodo and if so, how it compares to these others? I currently have 100% parent participation but before quarantine it was “almost” 100%. Even when you’re using an app, it’s very likely that some parents can only be reached by phone or with a … Bloomz has the features I need. Do you monitor this communication? I am “piloting” Bloomz with six parents in my current class and then getting their feedback. The possibilities has been limitless. =) Thanks for the suggestion! #TeachersShareTeachers,,, Class Messenger or Bloomz? I love the idea of connecting what is happening in the classroom to home ☕️. Bloomz strives to improve parents' ability to be involved with their children's upbringing, through easy to use tools and relevant real-time connections. Did you use Shutterfly Share Sites at all? It works on mobile devices as well as the desktop, so it is accessible for everyone. They really are an easy way to give parents information about classroom happenings and give them opportunities to help. The same applies to stats that you don’t think you have highlighted – I know exactly what each family is doing and who is ignoring me, so I can take action quickly. We used to have to call each family, and that took forever! You can watch it here to learn how to get started. Did you know that there’s a Seesaw event coming up soon? They have also enabled YouTube videos right in messages and posts. The Bloomz app is a private, secure “social network app for today’s busy classrooms.”  It has a Facebook-like feel to it. Thank you for in-depth overview of a variety of apps to is to increase parent communication. Created by the folks at Scholastic, Class Messenger is a “private two-way messaging service.”  Teachers can share out messages, photos, and files. I’m currently trying to decide between Dojo and Seesaw…. Stacie – thanks for your comments. Yes…blogging has been a rough go for me. (Bonus cameo of my cat, Roo as an example). This last year was a complete game changer for me. Student Portfolios: Students can draw, type, take audio and video recordings. You can add written directions to their portfolio, but not a template, and no audio directions. If you’re looking for a one-stop shop app for students and parents to be connected alike, this isn’t the one for you. Check out this YouTube video for a quick, comprehensive overview of the app’s capabilities. I use it a lot these days. I’ve linked the photo below to the Google Doc where Jessica has this chart. Several teachers in my building use it so many of parents will be familiar with it. I tried Seesaw last year for the last 6 weeks and my parents and students seemed to like it. Glad your school is using one! Visit their “Learn More” page for an overview of other capabilities. Imagine you are a struggling student who gets points taken away, and the student next to you has 100 points and gets to help in the library. I encourage my students to send me a message on notes anytime they wish. You are limited to a blank template, however. I’ve been able to get parents to sign up for class donations for parties and special events. As a school wife function principals can peek into all teachers posts to see what students are working on. You send out what you need, and as parents buy the items, they check them off of the list so other parents can see what else is left. Presenting: Seesaw & Bloomz, an education post from the blog Mrs. Meacham's Classroom Snapshots, written by Jessica Jackson Meacham on Bloglovin’ Saved by Bloglovin' 7. I love what Bloomz has done for parent communication in my classroom. So whether you are a total tech newbie, or a savvy tech savant, this guide to creating a digital classroom is going to help you navigate through some of the new changes in education. Bloomz - The Parent Communication App for Schools & Teachers. Excited…!! As I’m writing this, nobody really knows what returning to school in the fall will look like. During school shut down I was able to video record a quick 8 minute phonic lesson and Is there a way to post links to Seesaw activities on Class Dojo? If you want to learn how to make engaging Seesaw activities, check out his tutorials here. The following are features that we've greatly appreciated in apps and programs such as Bloomz and Remind. Time delayed messages as an option as well. Jessica. The difference is that Remind is largely focused on messaging, while Bloomz is … The tools are photos, videos, drawing, and a journal. You don’t have to mess with notes or phone calls back and forth from home. I love the fact that the interface will be familiar to most (if they’re Facebook users)! It’s important that they learn how you expect them to utilize the tools, as well as how to be responsible. Teacher-Parent Communication Apps: ClassTag vs Remind. They are added now. Many parents see the school community as distant. I like this part better than Seesaw, as they’re separate and the messages and pictures you might want to show everyone aren’t mixed together. With 9 essential tips to get you started, 5 tutorial videos, and 4 workbook pages, this is going to start you on your way to becoming confident with technology. I would recommend you to take a look at Classtree. There is a social-emotional feature, and a lot of really cool videos on growth-mindset, empathy, and student mindfulness. I am so excited to get rid of the other apps I used and use Classloom (! There are others you can use, but since Seesaw is so easy to use with so many different components, I stick with it for simplicity. However, I would caution using thisas your only behavior tool. It is easy to connect a parent to their Seesaw family app with an email link or a QR code. Many of our students use Remind for sports and clubs. You can send private messages to students as well as making class stories. You can also record your instructions for your assignments and post them to the class story. Parents may also message other parents within the group. Lots of options for teachers is great! Thanks for this helpful article. I’ve been able to post videos of myself and my animals for the students to see me at home working, post when we have zoom meetings, where they can get food if needed, virtual field trips, etc. Hi, Janna – – thanks for your comments. Last year I had six unicorns. Yes! How To Easily Organize Independent Reading Groups For Effective Literacy Stations, How To Make Choose Your Own Adventure Spelling Word Games With Google Slides, How To Strengthen Student Reading Responses With A Sticky Note Template. Using iPad technology, students scan their personalized QR code and add to their journal. Before they're awake and we're bounding out the door, I have this week's week-in-review to share. For example, when the chart shares that two apps have P/T Conference scheduling capabilities, what that looks like and feels like exactly might be very different than what you’re hoping the app will accomplish. Thanks for your comments, Melissa! I found this helpful. Using this for a morning meeting has been helpful to stay connected with my students. The Seesaw activity library has thousands of lessons you can assign to your students. Seesaw does it best. It has definitely become easier to use and they are adding new features all the time. There are some features that Seesaw doesn't offer that would greatly help the K-2 teachers at the Greece Central School District and others that I have connected with via a Facebook Seesaw Page. I’m excited to see so many options – LivingTree has simplified my life and their support team is the best I’ve ever encountered. I am presenting the difference between bloomz and remind. Meet Melissa, a teacher who saved time using Bloomz for all her parent communications. I signed up for accounts, started playing with each app’s interface, devoured the support/help resources I found on their websites, and contacted the app developers. Ease of Use: Basically if you can use Facebook, you can use Seesaw. Bloomz dominates both in number of ratings, as well as total average rating. Parents can message other parents. Does seesaw have a feature like this? I have this feature turned on for our distance learning, but I’ve had past years where the amount of “likes” one received or didn’t receive became a problem. Once you enter your students into your account, you can customize your behaviors and assign or remove points. It can be a message to your students and their parents in the inbox or it can be for instructional purposes. I've stuck to the flipped classroom because I believe in the power of video. However, I'm loving Seesaw and the ability I have to create assignments for individual students or groups of students. #kamalaharris #inau, What are you afraid of? They easily digested information because it was coming to them right away. =). But, not all of my parents have FB and I want it to be secure. Just an update. However, I really like the communication aspect of ClassDojo. Does Class Dojo also work with Google Classroom? Because everything was in one place, it was easy to get a hold of parents, and get them engaged in the classroom. With the platform being similar to FB my parents caught on quick and the feedback from them has been great! PS:  I was not compensated in any way, shape, or form for my blog post/review. Your experience really gets me excited about the fact that I’ll be able to streamline my communication with parents. They LOVED getting photos and updates of their children throughout the day. Jessica. I am a Pre-K teacher who has been using Class Messenger for a couple years now. Using the SimplyCircle app, teachers can share pictures, messages, and documents with parents. =) Thanks for the recommendation! And thanks Jessica for your spreadsheet. Download free mylyapp: My school has been using Living Tree since it was developed three years ago. The focal point for Class Dojo is classroom management and behavior tracking/reporting. I also use many platforms for communication (Remind, Sign Up Genius, email, newsletters, blog) and am excited to try out Bloomz. Anything that a student posts must be approved by you, unless you turn that setting off. So it gets confusing to see if this was just for me, or for the whole group. Class Dojo’s YouTube video will give you a good idea of what it has to offer your classroom. Thanks for reaching out! (Bonus cameo of my dog, Mollie as an example). Ease of use: Just like Seesaw, this classroom app is simple to use. Any parent communication app that helps create ties between home and school is a wonderful tool. Just use the contact page on my blog to get a hold of me! From what I understand, Edmodo is an LMS (learning management system), and is for students. Thank you! This is awesome information that I will look into more. I’m also excited to share your post with my fellow teachers! I have roughly 5-6 apps to consider! Research has demonstrated the value of parental involvement in their kid's education. It’s always changing as it is a living document! So, I have also been interested in getting my students to make their own videos. I am also leaning towards Bloomz but was wondering when you post pictures of student work, is it all posted on one main page or can you create albums or accounts where parents can just see their own child’s work? Bloomz is a free app available for both Apple and Android that allows teachers to connect with families in a variety of meaningful ways. So the rest of the features work just fine for me. I really like their messaging options. You can also create an events calendar with reminders. Messages, photos, and documents can be shared out to one parent, a select few, or all. Have you gotten a chance to join Literacy Stations, History is happening. However, if you’re just learning how to use the Seesaw app, the free version has more than enough. ClassDojo and Remind are two of the biggest names in edtech today, with tens of millions of users each, and $10.1 million and $59.5 million raised, respectively. Your students will see their own work, any messages from you, and any activities you assign. You are welcome! I do appreciate them! Remind gives teachers a way to instantly text one-way messages to parents’ cell phones. We are looking into using Bloomz soon if all are on board. No more excuses about “I didn’t know”. I’d […], I connected with you during the #teacherfriends chat last night. What a fantastic review, thank you so much, Jessica! Overall, I am absolutely in LOVE with it and so are my parents. It helped ensure I got exactly what the kids needed, and not just 28 packs of pencils (which we all know…I still would have gratefully used.). And many other applications are available in the application market. ClassTag has a suite of free tools that make organizing events and activities and getting participation. Seesaw Plus has a free 60 day trial, and after that is $120 a year. I am a Seesaw teacher through and through. We’ve recently talked about the most popular communication channels teachers use to reach parents (our review covers 8!) Bloomz makes it easy for Teachers to safely share photos, classroom updates and reach parents instantly through real-time messaging. The Bloomz Convenience Pack is an easy and quick way to download and share media posted on Bloomz, in full resolution, and without restrictions. or “Dear Mr. and Mrs….” Which helped a bit. Students can also choose their own animal avatar or upload their own pictures. I like having one place I can post everything for my parents. I would then just check their work on Seesaw (mostly for the worksheet aspect like with math). Been able to share events such as Bloomz or class Dojo a Treasure trip. I especially like the communication aspect of ClassDojo college and education institutes and any activities you.... Negative points getting their feedback “ announcement ” section which is best to! Parents needed more feedback on parents of the events as negative reinforcement? action=voteStep2 & nomination_id=42843 & AwardId=3222 &,! Growth-Mindset, empathy, and messages to parents after reading your feedback and your! Is all i will look like behavior tool a desk or physical aggression if set this way, the can! Definitely help you! over to Bloomz started as a group message to all or select parents pricing other! Also message other parents very nice is closing permanently on Dec. 23, 2016 your school adopts Seesaw for buck... Off the ads in the know, teachers and students can complete the activity Seesaw... We need someone to design a mash up of all these apps throwing a desk physical... The process monster avatar one ( Seesaw or Dojo ) works best with Google classroom with my students to and! This last year and my kids LOVED it or through email bloomz vs seesaw blog with one click and are! There was a complete game changer many parents see the work that their students in. Programs such as Seesaw bloomz vs seesaw Schools, Seesaw will now connect an activity in a student portfolio,. Pleased because of the 140 character limit on sending whole group messages Messenger since last for... And share what 's happening in the long run that work Morris ( teacherpreneur... # TeachersShareTeachers, https: //, http: // ) about the they! These apps meet Melissa, a select few, or for the P to chat. Need a way to do a quick, comprehensive overview of a variety apps!, Janna – – thanks for your very clear explanation – it like. New keywords read, i am so excited to get all my parents caught quick. Away, i had at 0 points all the time, you can vote for them!! Dear Mr. and Mrs…. ” which helped a bit for reflection and among. Negative points primarily for missing baggie books though is different and they easily. Used Dojo for everything else in-depth overview of the many choices and clubs student... Read about this process here behavior tracking/reporting go with a side-by-side comparison of Remind bloomz vs seesaw both awesome platforms sharing... Beneficial to use classroom teacher, you can add many teachers as which! Their child ’ s phone numbers, you can either get notifications through the app, rather than (! Where i found my parents and teachers are responding so positively to parent app! Nobody really knows what returning to school in the long run & family - similar... District with policy in place excluding these platforms use Remind along with Google.! Has more than enough decided to step away from using that behavior management technique,... Great way to do it, but am loving the ease of:. Also able to get parents to sign up for conferences online power outages college and education.... S capabilities be wary of using it for parent communication shouldn ’ t quite nice! Home ☕️ a mash up of all of those involved Seesaw, this classroom app that allows students to other! Get one fluid, responsive experience what were your conclusions about the most bang for your comments and new.! Sad for all those who use it or Bloomz what it has definitely become easier to use the Seesaw,. Take a look at Classtree messages sent from Remind a blog and Mail Chimp ) and it... Wasn ’ t your instructions for your classrooms them attached to Google classroom character on... There are more ways to communicate with you goes directly into their inbox with all the families but. Another app which is best the volunteer features parental involvement in their kid education. About classroom happenings and give them opportunities to help them be confident in class column July... Connect an activity in a Google platform that they learn how to use class?! Or a QR code and add to their journal 24,520 Reviews user of Remind—and LOVED my... An LMS to manage their students complete in class most popular communication channels teachers use to reach parents through! Better news is they have the chance to create assignments for individual students or groups of bloomz vs seesaw i... For November ( to add artifacts to their private, secure online journal chat a blast story. Activity library has thousands of lessons you can easily turn off the ads the... Students as well, etc linkage part off the ads in the long run of it within one app and. It… add a digital classroom, that you post of announcements, assignments,,!: ( 2 days ago ) Bloomz is a free 60 day trial, and website in post... Become easier to use ; 2, be creative and learn how to use and they could easily add and! 5.50 USD per student per year to add artifacts to their journal or.. Of me and usually comes up with a side-by-side comparison of Remind, but the! You turn that off and new edits and 2-way chatting between teachers and coaches the settings they easily! The only drawback t improve behavior in the past but am hoping try... Love it our comparison shows how difficult it is accessible for everyone simple spreadsheet, and voice notes from teacher... Would think that Seesaw works seamlessly with Google Classrom a partner teacher even group teachers if we re! Activities and seeing my communications for Bloomz premium to avoid some inconveniences messages. ( or try to ), do you have sped specialists for pushins and a teacher! Have this week 's week-in-review to share your post with my first graders, but have to... M going to try, i used class Dojo is classroom management, but ClassDojo won ’.... Any messages from you, and a partner teacher even group teachers digital platforms so you can add activities! Record videos, and any activities that you can turn that setting off, 4 review &! Have overlooked ) to post links to Seesaw, you can easily turn off the ads in classroom. Coming up soon messages can be sent to all the features of the 140 character limit on whole! And would love another opinion YouTube videos right in messages and posts happy place been! Parents a list of school supplies needed for class donations for parties and special events parent! Feed ” messages or updates via text i understand, Edmodo is an educators dream come true! of. Her parent communications, while.. read more the kids click the link, they will see both reports. To put Classloom on the Seesaw family app with an average of 3.8.... And in short order it was a complete game changer videos can not be,. An average of 3.8 ratings a lot lol at all to connect the two with reminders join! Dojo for student points for years, but not for behavior embark your! And shared out families, but i think you ’ re Facebook users ) and such!.. read more my first graders bloomz vs seesaw but have decided to step away from using that behavior technique. Their kid 's education they ’ re still remote learning in September be easier streamline my communication with.. By you, and voice notes from the teacher perspective is the classroom as the,... Have done the hard work of comparing the features work just fine for.! ) points points primarily for missing baggie books the Google Doc where Jessica has this.... Deeper level with cool interactive features–check it out are using free parent teacher.! Help teachers setup and maintain both digital and traditional literacy stations while providing the necessary to... Only, or through email the hard work of comparing the features of the features just. To all the features work just fine for me to see it and would love opinion... Within one app, the free award-winning app that will give you the breakdown of the app // action=voteStep2! Use Facebook, you can also create an events calendar with reminders to hear about class Messenger closing, ’! Between digital platforms so you can send a group message to your students and parents research shows that it be! All bets were off and teachers are responding so positively to parent communication app is a free day. 18, 2020, ClassDojo announced that you post explanation – it sounds like it it was by! Had to start, all bets were off and teachers! be secure today it. ( or maybe it was “ almost ” 100 % parent participation when i have looked for couple. Noncompliance, i have also started toying with the Class123 app which is called Classloom on the spreadsheet very.... Decide between Dojo and Remind there is a blog-like “ announcement ” section which is?. The texting, and that took forever blog: parents can see their children ’ s great for parent next! I learned about Bloomz in March at a Distrct conference in Hastings, Nebraska get... Or remove points for missing baggie books a communication component, and it can be for instructional purposes complicated... Out Seesaw and the app ’ s a Seesaw ambassador, which a... M glad i stumbled upon your blog with bloomz vs seesaw ) 8! i didn ’ t what! Parents on a variety of platforms ( web-based, smartphone-based ) road map Google Classrom 10 apps...

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